A Place to Stay is a nonprofit partnering to end homelessness in Blount County, Tennessee.

A Place to Stay is a nonprofit partnering to end homelessness in Blount County, Tennessee.

Are you currently experiencing homelessness?

We want to end homelessness in Blount County.

Throughout our community, friends, neighbors, and co-workers are going through the devastating struggle of losing their homes. But we believe through compassionate support and respectful care, everyone in Blount County can have a place to call home.

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Through partnerships across our community, A Place to Stay is collaborating with supportive individuals, nonprofits, and organizations to provide a pathway to permanent, affordable housing for our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

We are actively engaged in:

Pulling together resources from area nonprofits

Creating pilot projects

Providing help and support for neighbors experiencing homelessness


May 4                                                                            11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.                                                          Smithview Pavilion, Maryville

Tickets $45 https://aplacetostaybc.networkforgood.com/events/53564-together-we-thrive
A Place to Stay is partnering to end homelessness in Blount County as a part of making Blount County a place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive! We want to recognize organizations, faith communities, businesses, individuals, and A Place to Stay partners who are positively impacting our community so that everyone can thrive! Who would you like to nominate for an award this year? Please return the form below to jean@aplacetostaybc.org  or A Place to Stay, P.O. Box 6185, Maryville, TN, 37802, by April 1, 2022.

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Impact Stories

Welcome Home, Neighbor

Meet “Nina”; she became situationally unhoused when her home began to separate as a result of a sinkhole rendering the home uninhabitable. With no insurance, she was unable to make costly repairs. When Nina reached out to A Place to Stay, she had been living in and working out of her car. During the hot summer days, she parked in the mountains, taking advantage of the cooler air; in the evening, she parked wherever she thought she might remain safe. Nina had few barriers and was primarily self-sufficient.  However, lack of affordable housing and a costly rent deposit prevented her from obtaining housing.  A landlord heard Nina’s story, reached out to A Place to Stay to connect, and was willing to work with her.  With funds she had been saving and A Place to Stay and Good Neighbors partnering with the landlord to provide a rent deposit, Nina received the key to her new home. In following up with Nina and her landlord, both are happy and doing well. Welcome home, Nina.



What Can Change Your Life?

My wife and I had been living in our car. I had been stopped for driving without the proper license and fined hundreds of dollars. I worked construction for $14/hour until the fine was paid off and got another driver’s license. I had a job waiting for me as a truck driver if I had my CDL (commercial driver’s license) which cost $70. APTS was able to provide the funds for the license. I can only say,

“Thank you for changing my life.”

Just Be You!

Thanks to community partners, a pilot program was initiated. With funds from an anonymous donor, four new box spring and mattress sets were purchased to provide a peaceful night of sleep. Several other anonymous donors have also provided beds, linens, quilts, etc. Neighbors are grateful for the generous donation of a stove and refrigerator from St. Andrews Episcopal Church.  To the many community partners, individuals, and volunteers that have poured into this project, thank you for making this possible.

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A Place to Stay literally saved Brian’s life.


     Brian was born and raised in Blount County. He has struggled with homelessness and alcoholism for many years. A Place to Stay met him when a Blount Memorial Hospital discharge planner called. Brian  was being discharged but could not be released to the street. Her concern was that he needed shelter for a week to recuperate. A Place to Stay paid for one week in a motel. Brian continued to drink. After that week , he went back to his tunnel. He was referred to the street outreach team.

     On October 16th APTS held their second Street Outreach Services (SOS)  Day at New Hope Baptist Church.  A street outreach volunteer picked Brian up so he could get a shower, haircut, a hot meal and clean clothes. When he arrived at the tunnel, Brian was passed out , covered in feces with nothing but a thin sheet covering his naked body. The volunteer was so shaken by the sight he began to cry, but he still got him dressed and brought him to the church. Brian was in poor health, in a wheelchair, and hadn’t eaten in days. A nurse who was volunteering that day cleaned him up and tried to help him eat. She quickly recognized he needed much more care than we could provide him that day. She asked us to call 911. An ambulance came and transported him to Blount Memorial Hospital.  A Place to Stay stayed in touch with Brian’s case worker at BMH where he was admitted to the intensive care unit in critical condition. He did not pass the swallowing test and needed a feeding tube but was too weak to have the procedure done. 

      APTS worked with the street outreach team to see if they could locate any family. They found his uncle who has been by his side ever since. Brian is now sober, sheltered, and  being taken care of by his uncle.  He is still in the hospital but is in good spirits. He will be discharged soon to a facility in Monroe County where he will get his dialysis and treatment.

    A Place to Stay literally saved Brian’s life.


Join us to end homelessness in Blount County

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