A Place to Stay is a nonprofit working to end homelessness in Blount County, Tennessee.

A Place to Stay is a nonprofit working to end homelessness in Blount County, Tennessee.

Are you currently experiencing homelessness?

We want to end homelessness in Blount County.

Throughout our community, friends, neighbors, and co-workers are going through the devastating struggle of losing their homes. But we believe through compassionate support and respectful care, everyone in Blount County can have a place to call home.

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Through partnerships across our community, A Place to Stay is collaborating with supportive individuals, nonprofits, and organizations to provide a pathway to permanent, affordable housing for our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

We are actively engaged in:

Pulling together resources from area nonprofits

Creating pilot projects

Providing help and support for neighbors experiencing homelessness

Impact Stories

Janie, an employed mother of two is looking for a place to stay

Janie, a 35 year old mother of two daughters, was referred to APTS by her employer. Although employed full time at a local nursing home, Janie is unable to secure housing because over 50% of her paycheck is garnished to pay child support to her ex-husband who is the custodial parent. Previously she stayed at a local shelter until her time there was exhausted. More recently, Janie used her stimulus check to stay in a local motel. Now that money is gone. APTS volunteers paid for two nights in a motel while they went to work making referrals and phone calls on her behalf. Legal Aid, the McNabb Center, and H.O.P.E. (Helping Our People in Emergencies) have all been contacted. Unfortunately, there is not an immediate solution to Janie’s housing crisis. Both Janie and APTS are committed to working together until she is stable and adequately housed.

What Can Change Your Life?

My wife and I had been living in our car. I had been stopped for driving without the proper license and fined hundreds of dollars. I worked construction for $14/hour until the fine was paid off and got another driver’s license. I had a job waiting for me as a truck driver if I had my CDL (commercial driver’s license) which cost $70. APTS was able to provide the funds for the license. I can only say,

“Thank you for changing my life.”

Join us to end homelessness in Blount County

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