A Place to Stay is partnering with area nonprofits to address homelessness in Blount County.

Hundreds of our neighbors across Blount County experience situational homelessness every day. From lost jobs to medical emergencies to a wide range of circumstances, many in our community find themselves without a home and nowhere to turn. Some are left to sleep in their vehicles or find friends and family to stay with, while others even less fortunate have the only option of living on the streets, under bridges, or in wooded areas.

Blount County doesn’t have to stay this way.

Homeless camping outdoors in tents

A Place to Stay is actively engaged in building a safer, more secure, and more stable community for everyone. That’s why we’re partnering with government, business and faith communities as well as non-profits to work together to provide comprehensive support and services for our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

Mission Statement:  To seek cooperative solutions to address homelessness.


Together with our partners, we can ensure no one is left without a home in Blount County.

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